Shirasu Wall Plaster

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    Biocera - SN series

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    Biocera - SN & BC series

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    Biocera light - L series

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    Biocera light - L & LB series

Shirasu-kabe is a multi-function interior use wall plaster. It is unique magma ceramic material and 100% natural. No wall painting is necessary after applied Shirasu plaster.
Deodorization and Air Purification :
Purify air at molecular level. Odors of pets, cigarettes and other life odor quickly disappear. Unpleasant odors are banished from homes.
Its power is also effective for harmful chemical substances such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde etc.

Humidity control:
Absorb and release moisture according to indoor humidity (Boundary humidity approx. 60%) always keeping comfortable environment. You can also suppress the use of air conditioner.

Countermeasures against “Sick House Syndrome”:
Shirasu-kabe does not contain any chemical substances that cause sick house syndrome.
Moreover, Shirasu-kabe absorbs volatile organic compounds (VOC) released from furniture or other construction materials and not re-release them.
There are two series of plasters. Both “Biocera” and “Biocera light” with 20 colors each
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